Favorite Films to Quote

Now, I’m a glorious fan of film. Any time I can I’m at the cinema or downloading my favorite classics on iTunes. On a nice day, however, I’ll be in HMV hassling the staff for foreign films. On a rainy day, amazon.co.uk.

One of my all time favourite movies to quote from is definitely Forrest Gump. Tom Hanks’ simply moving and unforgettable performance gives me chills even watching it for the umpteenth time. From ‘Life is like a box of chocolates” to “My name’s Forrest Gump. People call me Forrest Gump” and especially “…so I went, again…and met the President of the United States AGAIN…”

Another one would be Bruce Almighty, just one of the funniest films Jim Carey has done, you can’t not quote it. Mrs Doubtfire, another great one “…broke my bag the b******”.

The best one to quote when in front of the mirror? For me, Lord of The Rings. It doesn’t get any better than standing in front of the mirror in your parents’ bedroom with your sister’s old lacrosse stick and shouting, “YOOOOUUU SHALL NOT PAAAAASSSSSSSSSS!’

Yes, my childhood was a fun one 🙂

I also love quoting comedians, Eddie Izzard is always my favourite. “Two languages in one head? No-one can live at that speed! Good god, man! You’re asking the impossible!”…”But, the dutch speak 4 languages and smoke marijuana?”…”Yes, but they’re cheating”.

I don’t think anyone will ever understand my humour, except maybe my parents 🙂

Essay time, happy rambling!