Architect’s Block

When I get writer’s block, I tend to sleep on it, and by the time I wake up the next morning, I’ll know what to do. My boyfriend is studying to be an architect and has hit a dead-end with inspiration. I gave him my advice, but being such a heavy sleeper, he’ll probably sleep longer than he’ll need to which will get him nowhere. Being 5pm, I suggested a power nap, but his ears are so adapted to the sound of his many alarms that he’d probably wake up at 2am with no idea what happened.

Right now I’m in the middle of a 1500 word essay foy my culture module, and it isn’t coming easy. Although an essay is slightly different to an architectural design, especially since I’ve been given a word limit, a title and a set text, I can pretty much get on with it. It’s the concentrating part that I’m struggling with. I can’t just sleep on it at this stage because it’s due in for thursday (no dramas: it’s formative, i.e. not assessed) and I want to get it done by the time I go to bed tonight. My boyfriend is no so lucky. His dyslexia slows him down a lot, and he isn’t given a lot of support with it. I’m no artist or scientist, but I know a thing or to about muses. The best way to find one is to feel like you don’t have to find one. If you feel under pressure, inspiration will fly away from you like a bat out of hell.

Take it from a first year/IB survivor. Don’t leave things until the last-minute, and if you’re struggling to get inspiration, take a break, have a kit-kat, some warm milk, and you’ll figure it out. Or, blogging wise, do what I do and use

Happy rambling,



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