I’m writing this particular post from my flatmate’s brand new Macbook Pro, and it is with green, envious hands that I do so. My god, this machine is beautiful. But I love my Sony Vaio so…

For me, the downside of having a PC is the virus-ness about it all. There are thousands of windows hackers out there, but only a handful of hackers who can cope with the complexity of a snow leopard. Plus, it has an awesome name.

They’re also just really nice things to type on, despite the shiny screens. That’s my pet hate of computers, and of my own laptop. My boyfriend shares the sam pet hate: shiny screens. It’s so annoying when it’s sunny or you’re in a bright room. Plus, every time the screen goes dark, I see my reflection. No thank you, Mr Apple, I don’t want a constant reminder of how ugly I am. You may disagree with me, you may think that shiny screens are awesome and that I’m really rather pretty and deserve to be reminded of it. If this is so, then you and I shall be good friends. Ont he other hand, you could totally agree. Let me know, I like comments!

The last few days have been lovely, sunny and warm, but how long will it last? British weather is unpredictable. I see people all over campus in the sunshine sitting on benches or on the grass with their MacBooks and their Oakley jumpers, with daisies in their hair.

I want to be like that someday…but my Vaio suits me perfectly as is. It’s so white and heavy and solid, a feeling of ‘I AM INDESTRUCTABLE ‘ resounds from it each time I switch it on to catch up on Eastenders or even update my blog for my loyal readers (thanks, by the way, I appreciate that I have an audience!)

And now, I must take my leave, for the sun is setting, my back is breaking and my fangs are emerging.

Ciao for now,




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