I Talk in My Sleep

You know those people who you just couldn’t sleep next to, not because they smell or anything, but just…because? I’m one of them…

Every so often I have this dream, well, it isn’t really a dream, more of a sensation, I guess.

I’m a twitcher. Sometimes I twitch myself awake, and then I get this really light, weightless feeling, like I’m falling through mid-air, but there isn’t anything around me, only sky and clouds and what appears to be sunlight.

As I drift into the land of nod, my brain starts to wind down to the point where I imagine having conversations with people. No-one in particular, they’re just subconscious voices. This leads to me talking in my sleep, and by talking, I mean randomly mumbling words like “handbag” or “migration”. I’m not insane, I promise.


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