Car Boot Sale

There is nothing like the smell of a good bargain in the early hours of a sunday morning…

Or is there? Sunday gone, my parents and I went to a Car Boot Sale in Warrington, which, I can safely say, was an experience! As soon as we started unloading the car, people were swarming around, hovering like those flies that look like wasps but aren’t anywhere big enough to be wasps.

It was my first car boot, so I braced myself for some lean and mean bargaining machines. My sister took a gap year in China and became a master of bartering, something I’m yet to accomplish. Luckily, the assertiveness of my mother and my father was enough to keep them at bay. We sold lots of stuff, in particular my old silver scooter (anyone remember that brief craze?), a lawn rake, some car ramps, loads of jewellery and a handmade turkish jumper given as a gift to my sister.

All in all, I enjoyed it, but take my advice, if you’re going to a car boot sale, DON’T WEAR A DENIM MINI SKIRT. Seriously, I froze my backside off! And don’t wear a coat with a private school’s crest on it…silly me…



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