Shady’s Back

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaack! From possibly the greatest place in existence, which yes, does make me feel a little post-holiday bluesy, but never fear, WordPress is here!

I had an amazing time,a s you can probably guess, photo’s haven’t uploaded or been developed yet, but they’re on their way. Weather was good, food was good, rides were awesome, and I have a real-life photo of the one and only Mr Donald Duck! I know!

What I have returned to, however, is a FIRST in my recent spanish video assignment!!! AAAAAHHHHH! 😀 I took a blog book with be to Disneyland, so if I had inspiration on the move, I could document it like a nerd 😛 Which I did, but sadly, I’m currently in the library and don’t have my book with me, but perhaps when I get back to halls I’ll find it and write to you once more.

This is going to be a good week, I can tell 🙂

Later dudes,


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