Live Music, Ringing Ears, and Unwelcomed Bieber..

Sorry about the recent halt in posts, I’ve been busying myself with moving out of my halls and back into my parents’ house. This therefore means that last night I had possibly the best night’s sleep I have had in a long time – and I mean, a long time.

Last night I went out with my friends from halls to see the Battle of the Bands Final in a bar called Bumper, in town. Shatter the Skies, Dirty Bernard, Shama-Lee-On, and two other bands for whom I was not present… were all really good! Facebook them, they’re amazing. My friend’s band were on straight after another band who used acoustic guitars, which meant that the amps for the guitars were too loud for electrics. Ergo, my ears are still ringing.

So, what are the daily plans for today for this glamorous blogger, you ask?

The answer, housework, catching up on Eastenders,  reading and potentially re-doing my nails. Tonight, however, I’m going out to another gig, this time with my boyfriend, his brother and their friends, to see a rather famous group of musicians called The Wombats (!!!) at a launch party for their new album. Very excited, which may mean that I’ll definitely have to re-do my nails.

Also, on a  completely unrelated, spin-off topic… Hey, Glee lovers: Anyone else pissed off at the Bieber infiltration? I mean how much atrocity can one little american boy commit through 3 supposed years of singing? And now, he worms his way into one my most favorite things in the world. He is so far past the line, he can’t even see it.

And yes, I’m a gleek: Live with it.



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