Belated Apologies

Terribly sorry about the recent lack of posts on my behalf, these past 2 weeks have been pretty busy and at the moment I’m writing this on my blackberry as a result of a lack of laptop due to my current, north-western wales, rainy location.

Moreover, the reason I am writing at such a strange hour of the day is that I simply cannot sleep. The reasons for this are 3 fold. First, because it’s my birthday, and with my childish personality I can never sleep normally on my birthday. Second, I’m in north wales with the family and I’m sharing a room with my sister. Being in a static caravan, the rooms are small and the beds, narrow. This means that any movement my sister makes will wake me up, and so I’ve had enough and have moved onto the couch in the living room. And finally, it’s 5.46 in the morning, and there’s nothing else to do.

So, to conclude, apologies for the lack of posts, and treat these new posts as a surge.

Also, happy easter!


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