The idea of a drug that when taken enables the average joe to become Mr (or Mrs) incredible is so catching it makes me want to rummage through my pill cabinet. It seems almost like a waste that we simple humanoids can only access a mere 20% of our brains. However, it makes you wonder what potential we must have as living, breathing organisms to be more than just a sperm and egg cell combined to form a head, 2 arms, 2 legs and a spine.

The film was great, but the concept is fantastic, futuristic and addictive. I saw it around a week ago now with my boyfriend and we both left the cinema thinking the same thing: I want one. I am so in love with this concept I’m getting things done so that I remotely feel like I’m in the zone…it might not be the same zone, but I’m definitely in a zone of some description. I’ve been procrastinating with uni work all easter and now I have only one week left.

Bring it on.


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