A Salvaged First Day Back

Here I am, standing in a mile long bus queue, ending a particularly unpleasant day in my first year life. And to think, It began so well…

I awoke with a piercing headache, nothing something a couple of paracetamol couldn’t solve. After showering, dressing and putting my face on, I felt a million dollars (that is, pre-economic downturn dollars) in my new dress, a birthday present from my dearest boyfriend. I put on some perfume, my hair looked great, and strutted downstairs, bought a newspaper and some chewits and made my way to uni on a crowded double-decker.

Then, as I entered my classroom for my spanish speaking class, my friend asked me ever so curiously, ‘so have you done that fairytale thing for HISP101?’. My heart stopped. “WHAT FAIRYTALE THING?!?” I panicked. Turns out, we had one last assignment due in for today which I had no idea about. Blast. My good mood out the window. I now had less than 12 hours to complete an assignment I had no idea I was given.

In the library, an hour later, I was computerless. Another hour later, I was still computerless, and now library cardless. I’m the only person who could lose a library card inside a library. Seriously.

After a grammar class, I ran back to the library, got a snarl from the guy at the front desk when I asked to be let in, and waited eagerly for the first free machine in the downstairs IT cluster. A small, pale man emerged from a desk carrying a USB – I ran for it. Beating a smaller, orange faced specimen to the desk, I sat down and managed to get everything done in time for my last class.

My oral presentation was postponed to next week, followed by a skip of joy as I left the room to join the world’s longest bus queue.

So here I am, and in all of my mixed sorrow and joy, I thought of my lovely readers, and how they deserve to learn of my triumphs.

And so, give me your hands, if we be friends, and Emily shall restore amends.



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