You Wrote Me a Poem

This is my first attempt at something meaningful, that also happens to rhyme. I hope you like it.

You wrote me a poem, once,
With your pale, schoolboy hands.
I met you at a party,
When I you asked if I’d like to dance.

You wrote me a poem, once
Before you knew my name.
My cheeks blushed scarlet red
When you kissed me in the rain.

I should have let you go
Much sooner than I did.
But I was only seventeen
And naïve, like a kid.

You wrote me a poem, once
and sent me a beautiful rose.
And when it came to say goodbye,
you kissed me on the nose.

You whispered to me, with tears in your eyes,
“We’ll be together again”.
Soon enough didn’t come soon enough,
We were so young, back then.

But to me, you’re still that pale, young schoolboy,
who waited for me after class.
You wrote me a poem, once,
When will I see you again, at last?

You wrote me a poem, once,
Amidst our ups and downs.
But we always seemed to find our way,
Before the end came around.

You wrote me a poem, once,
And now I’m writing back,
I left some roses by your head,
Beneath the headstone’s crack.

You wrote me a poem, once,
On a night with a velvet moon,
The experts have confirmed it with me,
and I’ll be beside you again soon.


My New Layout

Nay! Your eyes certainly do NOT deceive you, I have updated! And may I just say, I’m loving this new layout! If you click on the picture above, it changes! Fantastic.

Another thing, about WordPress’ layouts in general…why are all the premiums so expensive? I mean, if I had $75 or the equivalent amount of Sterling in my bank account, the first thing I would do with it would be either to buy a shitload of lottery tickets, buy some new converse or a gilet or something. It would most certainly not be, “Oooh, I know what $75 or the equivalent amount in Sterling will get me…” and log straight on, debit card at the ready.

Am I being a total miser with my money or there-lack of? It just seems foolish to me to waste that type of money unless this is something you do for a living, in which case, I hope I have not offended you. Personally, however, I’d sooner write my own coding than pay such an amount for a layout…I am, after all, a student.


In my opinion, hand-writing letters is a dying art, as well as a dying method of communication.

Like a good little girl, I write weekly letters to my grandmother, and recently tried writing to an old friend who lives abroad, whether she received it I’m not yet sure, but I hope she did, because it proves that the power of the letter has not yet vanished!

It’s always a nice surprise to get a letter in the post (well, it is for me, for bill payers out there, perhaps not) especially as I get so few, but it’s even nicer when you see the inked address on an abnormally coloured envelope with a good old-fashioned golden head wearing a crown in the corner.

Am I just sad? Or am I one of those few people in this world who simply appreciate the little things a bit more than others? Perhaps it’s both.

On another note, apologies for the recent halt in posts, my inspiration has not been sky-high of late. I’ve been waiting for some poetry on my friend’s blog but he hasn’t revisited it in over 4 months now 😦 and if he’s reading this, I hope he gets the message and starts writing more! 🙂

Much love,