In my opinion, hand-writing letters is a dying art, as well as a dying method of communication.

Like a good little girl, I write weekly letters to my grandmother, and recently tried writing to an old friend who lives abroad, whether she received it I’m not yet sure, but I hope she did, because it proves that the power of the letter has not yet vanished!

It’s always a nice surprise to get a letter in the post (well, it is for me, for bill payers out there, perhaps not) especially as I get so few, but it’s even nicer when you see the inked address on an abnormally coloured envelope with a good old-fashioned golden head wearing a crown in the corner.

Am I just sad? Or am I one of those few people in this world who simply appreciate the little things a bit more than others? Perhaps it’s both.

On another note, apologies for the recent halt in posts, my inspiration has not been sky-high of late. I’ve been waiting for some poetry on my friend’s blog but he hasn’t revisited it in over 4 months now 😦 and if he’s reading this, I hope he gets the message and starts writing more! 🙂

Much love,


One comment

  1. Beth · July 28, 2011

    i think my relentless post-box-checking last year proves i’m also a fan of letters! haha me and you are gonna be waiting for the postman every morning…



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