You Wrote Me a Poem

This is my first attempt at something meaningful, that also happens to rhyme. I hope you like it.

You wrote me a poem, once,
With your pale, schoolboy hands.
I met you at a party,
When I you asked if I’d like to dance.

You wrote me a poem, once
Before you knew my name.
My cheeks blushed scarlet red
When you kissed me in the rain.

I should have let you go
Much sooner than I did.
But I was only seventeen
And naïve, like a kid.

You wrote me a poem, once
and sent me a beautiful rose.
And when it came to say goodbye,
you kissed me on the nose.

You whispered to me, with tears in your eyes,
“We’ll be together again”.
Soon enough didn’t come soon enough,
We were so young, back then.

But to me, you’re still that pale, young schoolboy,
who waited for me after class.
You wrote me a poem, once,
When will I see you again, at last?

You wrote me a poem, once,
Amidst our ups and downs.
But we always seemed to find our way,
Before the end came around.

You wrote me a poem, once,
And now I’m writing back,
I left some roses by your head,
Beneath the headstone’s crack.

You wrote me a poem, once,
On a night with a velvet moon,
The experts have confirmed it with me,
and I’ll be beside you again soon.


  1. Simon · August 2, 2011

    That was a really great poem and I’ve read a fair few. I can’t believe it’s your first attempt, and it rhymed! Kudos for that. Anyway just thought I’d say that I thought this was an epic poem. If you ever want a larger audience for your poetry there are loads of sites out there. My personal favourite is The Poet Sanctuary ( Thanks for sharing this anyway.



    • gattoblanco · August 2, 2011

      Thank you so much! I’ll check that out. And cheers for the subscription 🙂




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