it’s official. Send out the invites, ring the old, echoey bells, set the date –

I am in LOVE with Colin Farrell. Not that it needs explaining, but I will anyway.

This afternoon, my housemate Tara and I were sitting around talking about people we don’t like, when it suddenly occurred to me that it was a sunny day and we were sitting inside doing nothing. Pointing this out, we then decided to go the cinema.

After checking the Odeon website’s list of screenings we decided upon Fright Night, mainly because David Tennant is in it and we are avid Doctor Who watchers. upon our arrival and payment we sat down and commenced a conversation about horse riding.

The film began and 10 minutes went by of nothing short of funny goings on in an american neighbourhood…and then it happened. he camera focus shifted to an undeniably beautiful and recognisable facial structure. Those cheekbones, the 5 o’clock shadow, those dark, perfect eyes…were greeted with simultaneous gasps of sheer surprise and followed, somewhat inevitably, of the two of us turning to each other to confirm that this was precisely who we thought it was, and that it wasn’t a dream.

He played the villain of the piece, but we didn’t care…forget Edward Cullen, ladies, Jerry the Vampire is where it’s at. Not only was he an excellent actor and portrayed an evil vampire very well, but he did it in such a way that wasn’t even creepy…or maybe it’s just me because I LOVE HIM.

Long story short, he is literally the most beautiful specimen of masculinity I have ever lain eyes on…and he looks shaggable in black.


One comment

  1. I apologise in advance.. · September 9, 2011

    I realised I liked this post and you were still logged in on my computer! Whoops! But yes, my god, best moment of my life. Good film choice Eccs, most def.



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