Sometimes, for those to whom writer’s block occurs regularly, including myself, the hardest part of writing a new blog post is actually coming up with a title. You could argue that making a title before having written anything is walking before running. Others would say that in order to pick the best title, you must write what you want to write about first, incase your plans change or it doesn’t turn out the way you planned. In my case, sometimes I’m so desperate to write but simply can’t muster any imagination, I either head over to an inspiration website or I think of a title and build my text around it.

I had an awesome draft written out on my blackberry about this old lady on a bus doing a fiendish Sudoku and how the older generations are still going strong, like my two widowed grandmothers…or the queen, who mourns the loss of her husband’s ability to know when not to say certain things…

I can feel this post taking a dramatic turn in theme so I’ll leave it here for now. It will probably be followed by an idea that has sparked my imagination…my friend’s laptop is huge and the keyboard is really easy to write with 😀

Ciao for now,

E x


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