Belated Resolutions.

OK, so – haven’t blogged in a while, long story and won’t bore you with it. Basically, I’ve made a few resolutions for the new year (despite it being one month old already) due to some notions I’ve made about myself. If 2012 is really the end of the world as we know it, according to the Mayans, then we should embrace it and live it out in the best way possible.

My resolutions are as follows:
1. Get better at skiing – Imperative. since my better half’s family are all pro-skiers, practically bouncing down the mountain in the most embarrassing way possible is not an option for this year.
2. (in relation to above) Improve fitness in general – At the moment, although I’m not particularly round, running up the stairs (depending on how many stairs there are, mind) tends to quicken my pulse a little too much for my liking. Running will probably be the way I go.
3. Save money – Also an imperative. My year abroad is looming and I can’t exactly leave the country for a year without anything to my name. I’m thinking £50-£100 a month?
4. Spend more time studying – The Full Monty: as much recommended reading as I can actually digest.
5. Better diet – Imperative again. I eat so much crap I can practically feel my thighs getting bigger. More fruit, veg and just general niceness. Luckily I know enough people to help me out with this.
6. Subscribe to a magazine – This might seem simplistic to you but I think it will give me a bit of culture (even if it’s Cosmo :P)
7. Buy a better camera – Imperative, I want great snapshots of potentially the last year I’ll spend with my uni friends before they all graduate, so I can fill my photo album labelled “University” bought for me by my cousin for my 18th birthday. I wouldn’t mind also indulging in some photography, even if it is just a crappy camera.
8. Visit more of my friends – I have so many friends dotted around the country and even outside of it, and I know it would please me to indulge in their company more often (and hopefully they feel the same)

I will ultimately add to this as I go along so keep your eyes peeled. Also, the fact that none of these things have been achieved IS SO NOT THE POINT.

Until next time.



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