A Cup of Coffee With Your Wi-fi?

Dear ravishing readers and sexy subscribers,

I recently had an epiphany. (I know! I actually did! Hope is not lost for me :P)

I was sitting in Cafe Nero with my mother and sister when I had it. I enjoy Cafe Nero, somewhere between the wooden furniture and the smell of coffee (despite not  being a drinker of coffee I can still appreciate the smell, what does that tell you about me?) I can really relax there and enjoy the company of whomever I am lucky enough to be with.

However, this afternoon was an exception. I felt completely at peace, like a puppy snoozing in a wicker basket, until I sat down to see the tab;e next to me covered in wires, modems, routers, flashing lights, USB devices, speakers, headphones and only one notepad and pen. This disgustingly technological sight was that of 4 students clad in Jack Wills University outfitter attire, with 4 cups of strong coffee. The small purple bags beneath their eyes told the story of how they had been there from an early hour and were not planning on leaving any time soon. I look up to notice a young woman pushing a pram and balancing a tray full of mugs and glasses in the other hand. As much as I admire her super-waitressing powers, I felt for her being unable to find a chair without clambering over an Intel Pentium Dual Core Processor. Then it came to me…

There should be a limit on how much time laptop users can occupy tables. Alternatively, they should use the table not for laptops but for good, old-fashioned pen and paper. I mean they are putting their own devices at risk of destruction due to the amount of liquid substances circulating the room on suspiciously flimsy plastic trays. They then have the nerve to complain that their work has suffered due to their own foolishness? I will not stand for such  injustice!

Let it be, therefore, that those wishing to work in a public place that serves food and drink, must resort to the use of ink and parchment. Laptops in Cafés is such a cliché concept from a romantic comedy about strong women finding love in a big city, mostly likely New York. It’s always New York.

Back to the point, however, perhaps an hour would be sufficient. That’s enough time to break the ice on a significant essay and run with it halfway down the road until the double-decker bus that is real life overtakes you, slowly but surely, without  extinguishing your efforts altogether. You can walk away with some caffeine in your veins and some words on a page, a truly satisfied customer, without having made anyone else feel particularly guilty for their procrastination.

Isn’t there a limit on how much time you should spend on your computer without becoming confined to the social extremity that is cyber-space? (Don’t you dare look at me like that, you’re the ones who insist on reading my ramblings!).


Your beloved blogger,



  1. Craigo · May 3, 2012

    That’s what tablet computing is about…coffee shops.
    Also, 45 minutes is enough.

    I want a coffee now.


    • Em · May 3, 2012

      A coffee, perhaps from Bold Street Coffee?



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