So, I have this friend who has decided to employ a vetting process when selecting who he wishes to be acquaintances with. He knows exactly what he wants in a friend and he figured, I may as well see their credentials. So, naturally, I applied for a position and he requested a reference, which was very kindly provided by my good friend and honourable acquaintance, Rachel. She has requested I publish it as a sequel to Putting a face to a name, and seeing as it is my life’s purpose to please her, I must do so. Also, if after reading it, you feel as though you ought to be better friends with me than you are currently, I’ll need to see some references.

Reference: Miss Rachel Natasha Gilbert, ARC Hospitality.

I have been requested to be the referee for one Miss Emily Eccles, in regards to her friendship capabilities and qualities. It is my understanding that within her peer group, Ms Eccles has shown a great amount of dedication and loyalty to her close companions. As a person lucky enough to be able to count myself within the closer circle of friends around Ms Eccles, I am extremely confident in saying that befriending this woman is a benefit to outweigh all costs.

I am currently sitting in the aftermath of what could only be described as an epic friday night in, of movies and food, all orchestrated by Emily. She went out of her way to walk to ASDA, buy said food (with my difficult healthy-food oriented brain in mind), and return to my house laden with 3 full bags of the stuff. If this doesn’t scream ‘awesome friend’ at you, then hold on to your seat love, it’s about to get serious.

Emily is just out of a rather drawn-out and difficult period of unrest within her friend group. During this time, she did her utmost to keep her loyalty and love towards her friends, while supporting them (occasionally even though they themselves were unappreciative) without ever needing repayment. She is the most un-judgemental woman I know, with an open ear at all times or the day or night, and has a talent for making you feel calm and normal at the most important times.

Sitting and chatting with Em is never boring, and knowing that I have the ability to make random liquids come out of her nose is an achievement which should be CV applicable. Laugh out loud is an understatement for the fun she supplies and all time spent with her should be televised for the enjoyment of the national population (not international, bloody Americans have no since of humour, she’d be wasted on them).

Also, on a personal note, if I could choose one female shopping partner (I already have the male position chosen, sorry guys) for the rest of eternity, it’d be Emily. I hope you know what that Badge of Honour really means. I fucking love shopping. A requirement for this Honour is the ability to not make me feel like shit in the changing room, because even though she is ridiculously good looking and the same size as me, we don’t clash but compliment each other in the best ways. That’s so rare and awesome.

Also, I fucking love Emily.
I should have just opened and closed with that really. I mean, what more is there to say? She has me as a friend, she must be awesome. I have great taste.

Referenced: 28.04.2012 by Miss Rachel Gilbert, Location: My Bed, Liverpool. Current state: sweat pants and on a fucking iPad. Get me.

P.S. Apologies for the barrage of posts today…but then again, it’s my blog. I can do whatever I want. Ba ha 😛


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