More Putting of Faces to Names

Some time ago, you may have seen a post listing 20 random facts about myself, in an attempt to educate you wonderful people about the girl behind the glasses. I said I would continue when more things came to my mind, and I will. Right now. Here’s 6 more:

21. I have a birth mark on the edge of my right underarm.
22. I have a single silver ring on the middle finger of my left hand that I never take off. It was bought for me as an 18th birthday present by someone very close to me, and it is my most prized possession.
23. I have a teddy bear named Charlie that has literally been all over the world with me. My nan bought him for me when I was a baby. I took him to China and Argentina, and he will also venture to Spain and Italy with me.
24. I’m covered in freckles, which tend to multiply when exposed to sunlight.
25. I’m writing a book. Several, actually. Well, a book, a comic book/graphic novel, an anthology of awkwardness as well as a collection of short stories that take a sort of, Jane Austen route, you might say.
26. I have two editors, both of which are my best friends.

I’ll leave it there for now.

Em x


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