This is for a dear friend of mine who often has trouble sleeping. I doubt this will hasten the closing of his eyes, but perhaps it’ll put a smile on his face. Here’s hoping 🙂

A man lies awake at 3am
on a tepid July night.
Military may be his calling,
But shut-eye is his toughest fight.

His mind is at its busiest when his head
Is welcomed by the pillow.
It’s hard to slow down a train of thought
Which already proves difficult to follow.

It meanders through the forrest
He’s constructed in his mind,
Grown from dreams and memories, of which
His conscience regularly reminds.

Why is it, then, he asks himself,
That I am so teased by sleep?
Its not like he doesn’t work hard,
Enough to make others weep.

The morning sees him exhausted, but he
keeps going until the day is done,
Yet sleep still evades him long enough
To see the morning sun.

Now I love a good sunrise,
I’ll tell you that for free.
But this guy’s seen so many, I’m worried
That they’re no longer his cup of tea.

We all have crosses to bear,
Whether we realise it or not,
But no-one needs insomnia
Destroying our forests like tree-rot.

So pray for him with me, won’t you?
That he may snooze again,
For slumber can evade the eyes of
Even the greatest of men.


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