One Month to Go…

As many of you know, a new chapter of my life is about to begin. I’m about to embark on my 3rd year of university study, which in my case involves two Erasmus semesters at foreign universities. In other words, I’m fucking off for a year. Let me tell you a little about it…

So, I study two languages: Spanish and Italian, which requires me to split my year abroad into two parts. The first semester I will be on exchange at the University of Alcal√°, a small town 30km or so north of Madrid, Spain. The university was founded in the first half of the last millenium, which means that the entire town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. So, if you do ever go there, be it to visit me or just for a holiday, try not to knock any of the buildings over. I’m there for around 5 months, minus Christmas break, and then I relocate to Bari, Italy, where I’ll take up another exchange studentship at the university there. Bari is a small town on the coast of the heel of the boot that we know Italy to resemble. It’s hard to get any further south than Bari on italian soil, which means that the weather will be glorious.
Jealous yet?
As excited as I am, I’m dreading the thought of leaving my beloved Liverpool. Whenever I leave the city, even just for a few days, I miss it enormously. Its culture, its familiarity and its beauty all have a place in my heart. Due to my chosen career, it is unlikely that I will stay here in the future, needless to say I couldn’t have asked for a better home.

I cannot begin to describe how much I will miss my friends and family. Everyone I’ve met, over the last couple of years especially, have all contributed to changing my life in their own way. I don’t care how corny this all sounds, I love them all and they all know exactly who they are. There are a particular few I’d love to give special recognition, but I shall resist for fear of forgetting someone or inflating some egos. Hopefully though, they know who they are.

Finally, one thing I’d like to make clear is that this is just the beginning. Just because I’ll be on the continent for a few months does not make me unreachable, nor does it mean I intend to stop blogging.
Stay tuned.

E x




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