An Ode to Vaio.

My love for you will never end,
My constant companion through thick and thin
Against every virus and with every twitter trend,
You have loved me day and out and in. 

Many a night we have spent together
Blogging, on Facebook or Skype.
Nothing can truly compare to the love
That I feel for you when I type. 

Oh, how you make me laugh, Vaio,
With your witty statuses and pics.
Your games and pranks are so adorable
Not to mention your narcoleptic tricks!

But beneath your sculpted, white keyboard
You carry a heavy curse.
For yogurt once seeped through between the tiles
And no you can no longer spell ‘purse’. 

I’ll admit it was Mea Culpa,
I should have noticed how your lights did blink,
But you only gave me a 5 second warning, Gimpface,
You’re lucky it wasn’t my drink. 

Don’t you dare go freezing on me in that tone,
You know the silent treatment makes me cry.
I’m the one that bought you, and if you don’t be nice
I’ll send you off to the Laptop farm in the sky.

And then you go sporadically deleting my stuff,
Especially that last one about Crufts.
It was the Michelangelo’s David of blogposts,
But now all that remains in cyberdust. 

I don’t know why you treat me thus,
Turning buffering into a long, hard slog.
Why won’t you just do as your told
And let me write my freaking Blog?

So even though I love you so,
Despite your two shift keys that stick,
It’s a love hate relationship that we share,
You beloved, technological prick. 




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