Awkward Moment #13: Writer’s Block

Now, there are many different and ridiculous rituals that writers engage in to pull themselves out of this regularly occurring funk. I figured, the best thing to do when you have writers block? Write about it!…or draw on your knees. I did both.

Unfortunately, I forgot tab out my recently acquired knee drawings, and so when I went out that evening wearing a skirt, I obviously either looked crazy or like I had two bad tattoos. Or both. I wasn’t even the first to notice, a very nice Spanish man pointed it out. I’ve already had a little bit of difficulty translating my personality into Spanish, but how do you (when somewhat intoxicated) explain your crazy to a stranger? You don’t. You pretend someone shouted you and go I the toilet to wash off the black biro.

And after all that, I still have Writer’s block. God damnit, San Diego.


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