The Birth of my Awkward Moments.

And then, out of nowhere

Now, I say this on behalf of all women everywhere…how annoying is it when you have a wedgie in a public place!? Despite being surrounded on all fronts by platoons of people, the temptation to throw your code of public decency out of the nearest window and to just go for it and de-wedge suddenly becomes overwhelming. For those of you who, at one point or another, be it in a library or at a bus stop, have found yourselves in this controversial and delicate predicament, and have indeed made the brave (and hygienic) decision to de-wedge, I salute you! Nevertheless, those who have stuck it out until they have sat down or become out of sight, I salute you also!

It is not the discomfort that this common phenomenon can cause, it also has psychological effects. Sufferers endure 5 stages of emotion, beginning with Shock. Upon realisation of this…

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