Here I lie with broken shell around me,
While horses and men in uniforms surround me.
Humpty’s the name, you may have ascertained.
Rather clumsy I can be, and thus appropriately named.

Here I sat upon a wall, the other day,
When all of a sudden, upon the ground I lay.
How did I get here? I wonder aloud.
I thought, to deserve a fall, one has to be proud.

Once these guys are finished with me,
Back upon this damned wall I will be.
Nothing will prevent me from facing it, calmly
Despite the raised potential for it to harm me.

The higher one climbs, the further the fall,
But why should that stop me from trying at all?
It will not defeat me, this fear of mine,
For shell I may be, but steel I define.

One comment

  1. Ox · December 8, 2012

    I once hung out with Mr. Dumpty.
    Ended up with egg all over my face:



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