What does “original” mean any more?

If anything, it’s getting harder to be original by the day. Everybody is constantly coming up with new ideas so quickly that more often than not, two people no matter how far away from each other will coincidentally come up with the same idea and then it catches on so fast it spreads across the net like a virus until it’s no longer regarded as new and exciting, but old, boring or even hipster. Moustache emblems, piano ties, indie films and don’t get me started on the endless cat videos. 

I wear big glasses and brightly coloured trousers and purple lipstick. I take photos on instagram and sit in cafés and write in notebooks. Does that make me hipster? Does it make me a cliché? Well, in a way, yes. But the point is, I’m just wearing what I want to wear! I need the glasses because I’m blind as a bat without them. I wear the jeans because they happen to make my bum look good. It’s either those or black jeans, and I look like I’m going to a rockstar’s funeral when I wear black jeans in summer (still, if you’re gonna look like you’re going to a funeral, it might as well be a freakin’ cool funeral). I wear purple lipstick because it tastes nice, not because that’s “the look I’m going for” (well, if the “look I’m going for” was summery-vampire, then I’d totally pull it off). I take photos on instagram because the filters make my photos look ten times better, and I sit in cafés and write in notebooks because I’m bloody well good at it.

The point of my mindless rambling is that when somebody says to you, “show me something new, something different”, that can actually be a bit of a challenge. Is the world running out of ideas? Are we struggling to be creative? To find new ways of expressing ourselves?


Nah mate. We’re just having fun. And we’re only getting started. 


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