All of the New

Well hello there! Didn’t see this coming, did ya? OH DAYUM!

A new post, how exciting. But what to write? What. To. Write. whattowritewhattowritewhattowritewhattowritewhattowriiiiiiiite. Well, those three words have now lost all meaning.

So! What’s new? I’ll tell you what’s new, I have a new title! *oooooooh, aaaaaaaaah*. Musings was nice, but it became less about musings and more about my sporadic thought processes and random moments I deemed worthy of documentation…but that doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.

Secondly, I (technically) legit have a new title – I am now Emily Eccles, Bachelor of Arts. In the immortal words of our Lord and Saviour Alan Partridge, Har Haaaar!

I am also the proud owner of a full-time job! Communications and Engagement Boffin in the NHS – super-de-duper worthwhile organisation to work for, lovely office companions and a wicked-ass pension scheme. Ballin’.

So yes – how about this brand new layout, eh? WordPress are nailing their new templates at the moment. Good job, guys. I thought with it being a new year, this dusty old blog could do with a new look, a new(ish) title and even a new post – SO MUCH NEW STUFF OH MY LAWD.

But to kick off this new start in this new post of this new year, I’d like to recap over the last, absolutely mental year that was 2014 for me and my favourites:

  1. I finished my degree, graduating with a 2-1 in a couple of foreign tongues.
  2. My beautiful best friend and big sister married a very nice man and we all got very drunk to celebrate. I had a dance-off with the Father of the Groom and lost(/was robbed).
  3. We lost one of the most vibrant, hilarious, sassy members of the family shortly after her 85th birthday. She’s now back with the love of her life and probably doing his head in as we speak. Go’ed girl.
  4. I started my first ever, full-time job, and subsequently started paying tax and repaying my student loan. Yay real life!
  5. My brother went and got himself a fiancée. She, like my sister’s husband, is very nice and has set the date for drunkenness and dance-offs for next year.
  6. I met Mark Wright. His tan wasn’t as impressive as I was led to believe and he was actually kinda short.
  7. I went to Rome, ate a lot of gelato, got very sunburnt, took a lot of pictures and spoke actual Italian with actual Italians.
  8. My sister and brother-in-law moved up to Scotland, to live there. Apparently. (I’m still in denial).
  9. I finally achieved my ambition of becoming the lead singer in a funk band, giving me an actual excuse to be sassy front-lady a-la Paloma Faith/Whoopie Goldberg in Sister Act 2. (We’re called Too Funk to Drunktion.)
  10. The Stowaways won Battle of the Acoustics and it was glorious.
  11. I got back in touch with an old pen-pal, of sorts (you know who you are).
  12. I visited several friends across the country in their various, non-Liverpool habitats.
  13. I finally found a coca-cola bottle with Emily on it.

As you can see, it was definitely one for the books! 2014 saw new levels of blood, sweat, tears, laughter, slut drops, sassiness and selfies…but 2015 has now begun and I find myself staring into the unknown – but amongst my many New Years Resolutions, there is one I am determined to keep: don’t look back. After all, we’re not going that way!


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