Get Out Your Wallets

There comes a time in every young girl’s life when she realises she has a girl crush on one of her friends.

Thursday night, I was that young girl. And my crush was on Leigh-Angel Bevan.

Leigh is a drummer and just one of an incredibly talented four-piece band. Sam, Alex and Joe join her to make (ATLAS), an atmospheric/alternative rock band based in Liverpool, UK.

But (ATLAS) is not just a band, it’s a feeling. It’s infectious.

It’s music that is so carefully considered, but also – for want of a better phrase – doesn’t give a flying.

It hits you right in the chest, deep in your rib cage, reaches in and grabs all the emotions and feelings you could ever imagine feeling, folds them up into harmonies, pounding drums and pinching guitar riffs, and then hurtles them across the room like a paper aeroplane.

The only word you can use to describe them is “YEAH!”

Watching them on stage, I’m not sure if I want it to carry on forever or if I just want to be part of it. These are people who have really felt things, real things. Things they’ve then articulated beautifully and passionately into an absolutely cracking EP or three. They know when to be reserved and delicate, and when to go full throttle and at the end of their set, you’re left standing there, wondering what to do with yourself now that it’s over.

You don’t have to be right at the front to have a good time with this bad, you just have to be in ear-shot. But hey, what do I know? My iPod still has Lou Bega on it (Mambo No. 5, what else).

Don’t listen to me, listen to (ATLAS).

atlas 1


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