Chronicles, Longtime: A Story of Music and Friendship

They come together on a chilly February evening in Delamere Forest.

Studio 73B is powered on portable heaters, builders tea and old friends doing the thing they love most: making music.

Colin Broadfoot (Vox and Guitar), Phil Bush (Guitar), John Price (Bass), Steve Goynes (Keys) and my dad, Phil Eccles (Drums) are Longtime.

Think a bit of Portishead, a pinch of Elbow and a touch of Fleetwood Mac and you’re on the right track.

With the incredible stylings of Phil Bush and John Price on lead guitar and bass, the twinkling of keys from Steve Goynes, the empowering beats from Phil Eccles and to top it off, the smooth tones of Colin Broadfoot, whose lead vocal lends itself so well to a harmony, to say that Chronicles has been long-anticipated is the understatement of the better half of the last century.

Nine stunning tracks, five incredibly talented musicians, 40 years of friendship.

With live performances a rarity for the band, each member has gone down a different path in life, forging professional careers in different fields – from Sales Management and Social Research to AV and Academia. Chronicles is a testament to their passion and commitment to music. 

But hey, don’t listen to me. Listen to Longtime. 


Available from iTunes and Amazon now. Live dates coming soon.


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