Masters in the Making

I’ve just enrolled at Liverpool John Moores University to start a Masters. It’s official: I’m a student again.


So far, I’m 45 minutes in and everything is going smoothly. I’ve enrolled, picked up my student card (which I have to admit, I look fabulous on. 4 years of my undergrad with a squashed pixel face was more than enough to make me take my photo seriously, and we’re talking perfect eyeliner flicks, fresh makeup and hair that only took three hours) and I started exploring.

I’ve logged onto a computer (after finding the computers), all of which are so big and shiny, it’s fantastic and part of the reason why I’m writing this is, because of how great this keyboard sounds when I type. WORDS.

I’ve also found the Communications, Marketing and PR section on the first floor and picked out a couple of books to borrow ahead of my first classes this week. #keenbean #thatshowiroll

I’ve even topped up my printing account and printed out the receipt – just so I could figure out which buttons to press on the printer (did not go well, had most of the computer space staring at me because there was a paper jam, but that’s a blog for another time).

The next step is to take the books I’ve picked out and actually scan them at the desk – looks easy enough. #famouslastwords

Over the weekend, I went to the Freshers’ Fair (vom). It being my fifth fair, I bombed round, grabbed what freebies were handed to me and fled from the place like a bat out of hell. In short, I nailed it in 20 minutes flat. #likeaboss

So here I am, officially a student again. Now 53 minutes in and still no major disasters! So far, so good. 53 down, 1,051,147 to go.

#heregoesnothing #somanyhashtagsinthispost #hashtags



  1. Sarah Murgatroyd · October 4, 2016

    Loved this post Emily! What’s your masters in? So jel, wish I was going back to uni! Good luck with everything!

    Sarah xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Em · October 4, 2016

      Cheers Sarah! It’s International PR, really excited 😀 hope all is good with you! Your make up tutorial game is epic these days, bought the benefit eyeliner after you put it up! Xx



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